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Below are a list of our most commonly asked questions. If you have a specific question not answered below don't hesitate to call us today!

Do these trees stay green year-round ?

Yes, Evergreens will stay green year-round. If your trees lose some of their color over the winter it is from a lack of water.


How much water do they need?

Water is very important for the first 3-4 months after planting while trees are getting established and is always the the answer if you have any issues with tree health. We will give you recommendations for each tree to follow to ensure beautiful healthy trees.   

Where are the trees grown?

Our trees are grown by local farmers in PA, NC, and NJ which makes the trees very hardy and indigenous to our local environment and soil.

How deep do they need to be planted?

The trees have a very shallow root system that grows parallel to the ground. For a 6 foot tree, it would be planted down around 12-24  inches.


Are the trees warranty?

We offer no warranty. All sales are final, no exceptions. Our only guarantee is that we will show up and delivery healthy trees and will not ask for any payment until the tree quality and health is verified by our customers and the job was done perfectly to customers liking. From there, it is the customers responsibility to keep the trees healthy through proper care and watering.  


How far apart do you plant the trees?

Trees have a minimum spacing to allow for future tree growth and each type of tree has different spacing recommendations, minimum spacing examples below. Ideally, trees will be spaced out more than the minimum. 

If I have a 100 feet to cover, how many trees do I need?

Emerald Green Arborvitaes:                  100 feet divided by 2 FT = 50 trees

Pyramidal Arborvitaes:                             100 feet divided by 3 FT = 33 trees

Green Giant Arborvitaes:                         100 feet divided by 4 FT =  25 trees 

Leyland Cypress:                                         100 feet divided by 5 FT= 25 trees

Holly:                                                                 100 feet divided by 4 FT = 25 trees

How long will it take to plant the trees?

Typically we plant 10 trees per hour.


How long will it take to get my trees after I order?

We usually have your trees dug, delivered and planted within 7-14 days from time of order.


Do the deer eat the trees?

Since they are an evergreen and stay green year around, the deer can sometimes nibble on them in the winter. Some varieties are deer resistant like the Green Giant Arborvitae and Holly's.  However, it's not their primary source for food, so they tend to only do it after deep snow falls. It generally is not an issue, however if it becomes an issue, Home Depot sells an oil based spray for under $20 that will deter the deer from eating your trees. 

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